yz125 2003 jetting issues LEAN

I sent my yz125 2003 in to the shop back in November 2010 cus the crank bearings went out. my mechanic also re-jetted the bike. i have rode it with about 30hrs blew up in march 2011 at around 200ft 60 degrees outside and has been sitting, i blew up the top end and ate up the cylinder, especially on the exhaust port, bridge and the head has lots of pits in it. im was running 40:1 redline racing synthetic, chevron pump 91. jetting is 440 main. 30 pilot. bike ran great, snappy and strong but no life. im looking jetting recommendations. i ride from anywhere altitude of sea level til about 300ft. anywhere from 30degrees to 100degrees. hot or cold i ride. I have vforce 2, fmf fatty and powercore 2 silencer. i need help, rebuilds cost lost money, im gonna start doing them myself. thanks guys, eat sleep ride motocross

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