question about Wiseco Crank kit

Hey everyone,

Just wondering if any of you WR450 owners out there have installed a Wiseco Crank kit. Reason I ask is I'm wondering if anyone actually knows which gaskets are included with the kit, or if you still need to order any gaskets/orings to do a complete disasembly/overhaul of the bottom end. I've got every nut/bolt/shaft/component taken apart, and I'm still waiting for the kit to show... So.. to save some time (local dealer is +400 km's away) I've got to order everything online, so I'm trying to save a little time. I've tried sending a email to Wiseco asking this same question, but.. as per usual with a large company, they never reply. I know the top end gaskets aren't included.

All of the gaskets necessary for the bottom end rebuild are included. Comes with complete bottom end gasket kit. The sales/tech line is usually a better avenue for info compared to sending a question to the general inbox.

Cool thanks Wiseco for your response. I just wish I had a master list of the exact quantities of each gasket and where they're supposed to go. That way I can do a check off list of anything I might have to order... because "all of the gaskets necessary for the bottom end rebuild" is a semi broad statement. Some people might not ever replace the waterpump shaft during a rebuild, or they might just remove the bare minimum components to access the crank... hense the question. I'm from the school of thought (from rebuilding CF-18 fighter axial turbine engines) of while you've got access, you may as well do precautionary replacements now, before it fails later so everything is fresh and it "should" last longer without failure.

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