How far?

How far do you guys travel to get to the local track? Curious to know.

i travel about 20 miles, when i lived in illinois the closest track was 2 hours away, luckily it was an awesome track that was worth the drive, it was hard tho making practice on a weeknight and having school

Depends if I'm at school or back at the parent's house. If I'm at school, it is about a 35 minute drive. When I'm back home I am within 25 minutes of three awesome tracks.

40 minutes.

2 hours!? Wow.

2 1/2 hours -ish sometimes 3 hours

depends between 15 mins to 45 mins.

About 15 min to the closest track. Then about 35 min to the next one.

30 min to 1hr

10 to one, 15-20 to another, and 25 to a private track

15 min. to Lakewood (Thunder Valley) 30 min. to Watkins :thumbsup:

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