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Front Shock Leaking

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ok so one of my shocks are leaking preatty bad

so i called my local shop and asked them if they will reseal them up.

new seals dust seals then toppin up with new fluid.

K my question to u guys is?

Should i be doing anything else while there in there doing anything?

Like maybe stiffer springs?

what oil weight should i go with?

and anything else?

I weight 200lbs

preatty agressive rider on road/off road.

ride 70% on road

but sometimes do alittle trail riding and sand pits.

Ur help would be mostly appreated..

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Check you spring rate to weight recommendation on Race Tech or MX Tech. You should have your bike sprung properly for you weight. It makes a difference.

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I am also about your weight and ride hard. I swapped out to heavier racetech springs and added the racetech gold valves, 5wt bel-ray fork oil, and it is a completely different bike. probably some of the best money ive spent on it.

When you get the forks rebuilt make sure they replace the bushings and oil seals along with the dust seals you mentioned.

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