TLD CatalystX knee braces?

After taking almost 1-1/2 years to get my left knee healed up enough to feel comfortable riding, I managed to really prang my right knee. I was turning the bike around on a tight trail by yanking up on the front end and moving it sideways a little at a time. Had a crevice to get it over so yanked extra hard and the darn thing came over further than I expected and caught my right knee on the outside and I heard/felt a pop and went down under bike. Dunno if it'll require surgery or not, but regardless, I don't think I'm going to be riding anytime soon. Nor do I intend to ride anymore without some good knee braces. I did a homemade brace for my left knee and it seems to work well, but there's no way I could duplicate the effort to the same degree. So, my question is, has anyone got any good experience with the new TLD braces? I've done the usual searches and didn't turn up a lot. I already know they supposidly come from a medical type supplier/manufacturer, so that's good. There's really not much info on the TLD website, so...

Anyone have any first hand experience with them?


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