09 yz450 rekluse z-start pro

well just got the z-pro installed per the manual went good straight forward instructions noticed 0 feel on clutch lever raised rpm to 4500 as instructed noticed slight feel if any tried to get some sort of feeling when pulling lever. i installed the bushing under the wave spring seat and plate gap was correct it seems to work smooth when riding i am just concerned about the clutch lever adjustment per instructions seems impossible to get am i missing something thanks for any help

Does the clutch disengage when you pull the leaver in while riding?? If not try adjusting the cable till you get leaver feel. If it is desengaging then I'm not sure. I had to adjust my cable in about 1/2 inch when I installed mine to get feel at the leaver.

With the engine off or idling, there will be next to no tension on the lever, as if it's not connected. When you run the engine up past about 4000, you should have about a half inch of free play. The lever will still feel very light compared to stock, but you should be able to manually disengage the clutch in a normal fashion.

If you're looking for normal manual clutch feel, you won't get it. It's always going to be way lighter that normal.

Thanks guys will get in today from work and try again. i was all messed up with the initial feeling heck got ready to stop let off gas hit the brakes no stalling when stopping. Just had a few minutes to ride did not think to try and pull lever under load. 40 yrs of riding with a clutch just confusing to say the least! Thanks

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