JB Weld - Pipe crack

Any chance JB could hold on a crack in my expansion chamber?

I don't think so cause when jb weld hardens it gets brittle and when the pipe expanse from heat it would most likely crack it but it doesn't hurt to try

depends where the crack is. if your just trying to stop spooge from leaking, and the crack is back towards the silencer then it may work. if its up near the engine it wont work, theres just way too much heat. i tried it and the heat just cooked the jb weld right off. it worked for a little while but not very long. just have somebody weld it is the better option

Not likely to last... and then you have to clean it off before you can get someone to weld it properly. I would just find someone who can TIG weld it for you.

no, it wont work, too much expansion and vibration, it will crack or peel. It would probly work for a short time tho if you needed to get thru a trip or race, its worth a try, but it wont last IMO.

Ya I figured these would be the responses I would get and I've ordered a FMF Fatty to replace the stocker. I'm going to keep it around just in case I need an emergency pipe some day....

weld it up with a gas torch. I did this on a 200 pipe and it lasted for over a year and was still good when I sold it.

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