need help with part I.D. before ordering ( chain slipper,slider..)

Hey guys, looks like my chain slider is worn completey through, and I'm trying to locate a replacement. I also would like to replace a similar part that I THINK is the chain "slipper". This much smaller part is apparantly made of the same material, and supports the chain from underneath, just behind and below the counter shaft. I've been going over the schematics I've found on-line, but they are less than clear. This slipper is on the "swingarm page", though it is mounted on the main frame of the bike, and I can't find it on the "frame" page.

Any help positively identifying this part is much appreciated, as is any heads-up on any deals on these parts.

( for '06 xr650l )

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What model and year's the bike..Give me that and I can give you the original Honda part numbers..You can easily make one of those smaller block things under the Swingarm from UHMWPE...Just gotta get the stuff, cut it to size and drill the holes..Pretty easy operation if you can get the UHMWPE....done about 3 of them on my 600s and one for the 500.

Thanks Horri, my bad, I completely forgot to name the bike. It's an '06 XRL.

And I just Googled UHMWPE. Looks interesting, where might I find a block of the stuff, and is it cost effective ?

Ok..They are both on the Swingarm page.

Slipper chain..50911-MN1-670...Thats the smaller block thing.

Slider chain..52170-MN1-681...Slider above and below swingarm.

Probably find both are expensive from Honda..I know the sliders are down here.

Not sure where you'd get the UHMWPE in the States..or more specifically locally in Georgia,,,I got mine from a place that makes rollers/plastic type stuff for conveyor systems..Yes it's cost effective but they generally only sell you a bit worth about $50.00,,I made 4 up out of that..,Just used the old one for a pattern for the holes,,a hacksaw/saw to chop it and a wood rasp/file for shaping it a bit on the top edges....Easy stuff really

ps..I wouldn't try making a slider out of that stuff..ridges/weld marks on top of and below the Swingarm on 600s/650s make the operation a nightmare,,I've tried,,forget it for Sliders..

Maybe I should say it could be done but you need a Router and a bit of time,,I have no Router..

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Good deal. Thanks for the help,Horri . :thumbsup:

A common mod you might want to consider is mounting a roller in that location. I did, about 37,000 miles ago, and it's still going strong. I simply drilled the hole a little bigger and bolted up a Moose roller. Some have mounted rollers inside their chain guide too, but I haven't gotten around to that mod yet.

As for the swing arm buffer, the Moose brand is sorta like a hard plastic, much harder than the OEM Honda part. It'll last nearly forever too.


I have an old 87 xl600r. I stole my wifes plastic cutting board and ran a section off on the table saw. I routered the cutting board and replaced it in the kitchen. She never asked what happened. The cutting board works great and lasts forever.

Thanks guys, good suggestions. I was aware of the roller mod, but was kind of in a hurry and just went with the OEM slipper/slider. I called my local shop this a.m. and surprisingly they matched the prices from BikeBandit, should have the parts a little sooner, and tax is less than 1/2 of what shipping would be. Win-Win.

Next time, though, I'l definately go with the cheaper routes suggested above.

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