kick start shaft replacement ?

today i snapped off my kick start shaft on my 96 kx250 my book in the engine right side section it talks about taking clutch cover off for replacement parts then the water pump for replacement.then it skips to the kick start shaft part but it doesnt say if i have to take clutch cover off (i assume i dont) but im not sure about the water can i take off the right side cover as a whole unit with the water pump an clutch cover still atached.



no. you have to drain your coolant and then remove the wtr pmp cover. after it is off you have to remove the impeller. also have to remove the powervalve actuating drum by removing the e-clip. then you can get the cover off and the drum will come with it. now you will have to take your clutch out including hub and basket to get to the kickstart mechanism. you'll need an impact gun or clutch holder tool to get the basket nut off. clutch cover can stay on.

I'm gonna go ahead and confuse you by disagreeing. If you don't need to get to anything inside the water pump, yes, you can remove it as one whole unit, inner/outer clutch cover and water pump. Leave it hanging by the lines. It can help if you remove the brake lever, makes it a bit easier to maneuver the thing out of there.

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