Graphic Kit help!!

ugh i'm ready to pull my hair out i hate these stupid things!!! i must of tried to put the rear fender graphic on an had to peel the sticker off at least 5 time.. i really don't want to try anymore because i know i'll lose stickyness and then what a waste of money for a nothing. is there any tips you guys have to help me put this retarded kit on. i know there's how to's on it but only for number plates and shrouds. nothing on fenders.

this is the kit i got from one industries.. you know for the money i paid for this stupid thing you'd think better instructions would come in the box and pictures of everything included so you know what's what.


does anybody know where these two sets go i have no clue.


and are both of these front fender graphics actually for the front fender or i just have to pick which one i want to put on the front.


somebody help me before i throw all this stuff in the garbage.

it's not in the pic but i have a heat gun sitting beside my table i was using it.. but i couldnt get any of the rear fender lines to go with the sticker.. now i'm pissed off and i don't even want to attempt it again.. if i wreck these stickers i'm out like 150 dollars.

Never understood the attraction to paying someone to advertise for someone elses business in the first place.

not sure where you're going with that but thanks for contributing to the thread

mist the bike with water, like with a spray bottle, they put the sticker on and use a cloth to push the water out to the sides. takes a long time but my 450r graphics still look good after about 2 years, and i power wash it to clean it. dont use the heat gun tell all the water is pushed out.

oh and if the lines dont match up on one side, cut it. sometimes it just needs to be cut.

well i got the rear fender done but i am definately not happy with the way it came out. there is tiny air bubbles all over the fender and it is a tiny bit crooked.. dam what a waste.

Don't get discouraged. I use windex lightly sprayed on the plastic and peel off all of the backing on the decal. Hold the sides of the decal with clean hands then place it flat on the plastic and push from the center to the sides. The windex will run out and evaporate. You might have to use a little heat for the right number plate since it's curved to clear the silencer. Don't go nuts with the heat at first. Like I said push down at the center and work to the outside. Have a clean cloth ready to wipe off the excess windex. If this isn't your thing, call up a local sign company that makes vinyl signs they should help you for a fee but at least you won't waste your hard earned money!

Windex and low heat is your friend.

if the bubbles cant be work to the sides poke the air bubbles with a pin and push out the air , like popping a blister

i don't have a needle small enough but i will deal with the air bubbles that shouldn't be an issue. this heat gun gets crazy hot hopefully i'm not using too much heat. so far i did the swingarms, airbox, and rear fender and i'm making good progress.. now i just need to do my number plates and shrouds.

i found out what the two mystery stickers are the black ones are for the top of my number plates and the clear ones are for my frame.. i'm pretty disappointed considering the pics in my frame are supposed to match the rest of my graphic kit and these ones are just clear. i am also very dissatisfied with one industries customer support as they aren't replying to my emails. for the money i paid i expected a little better from the company.

i put the stickers on my honda with soap and water and a heat gun a lot of patience and low would probably be better to have an experienced person stick them on for you like a shop if they have someone to put them on a place that makes signs and grapics are another choice,the best guy i ever ran across was the boat shop i worked at we had a fiberglass man that put stickers on the boats as well as gel coat and paint he could put any graphic on any thing jet ski and it looked like the factory had done it he had a spray bottle with soap and water and a little plastic squegee

i don't have a squeegee so i don't want to go the spray bottle route.. dam i wish i had help for this this is my first time doing this stuff and i'm doing it alone lol.

grab some windex. Spray the sticky side.

If you don't have a squegee then you can use a book cover, electrical cover in your house... those at least are two immediate items sitting around my desk.

The windex and squegee allows you to make mistakes, big ones and correct it before it becomes permanent.

i think i may try that but i'm scared the windex will trap inside and ruin the stickers

you're worrying way too much... the windex won't get trapped.. thats what the heat is for.. i prefer a hair drier vs a heat gun.. less heat and more time but you wont melt your new graphics either.

use a credit card if you dont have a squegee

i am also very dissatisfied with one industries customer support as they aren't replying to my emails. for the money i paid i expected a little better from the company.

You expect them to hold the hand of every putz trying to put graphics on for the first time? You paid them for a product, not to be an installer.

Its not hard to do, if you cant figure it out pay someone to do it + Heat gun

Never understood the attraction to paying someone to advertise for someone elses business in the first place.

+ 1000! Needs some energy drink stickers to go full pro!

lol i'm not mad at the company for explaining how to put the dam things on they include directions for that.. i'm mad at them because their customer service is horrible, and they falsely advertised all over the internet something that wasn't what they sent me

but actually i sat down last night and took my time and got it all done with just a heat gun i didn't use windex.. i liked the way everything came out.. everywhere i seen something mentioned that the exhaust side number plater would be the trickiest section but that was actually the easiest sticker to put on for me.. now i just need to get my seat cover stapled down and i'm gooldenn.. my buddy came over and he did the left side number plated with windex and it really seems to me like it's much less of a hassle to do it without windex just as long as you take your time and be careful.

as for the energy drink stickers.. couldn't agree with you more. i especially hate when people plast them all over their cars and trucks. i actually like the monster energy logos though i think they look good. so considering i'm no factory rider that has to put sponsor stickers all over my bike.. i'm gonna plaster it with monster stickers lol.. haters gonna hate.

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