Guys need help in a pinch!?

I stripped the spark plug by accident..tightened it down to much and couldnt fix it from the top so i pulled the head and chased the threads with a 10mm die and fixed it. when i completed everything I cant get the bike to start.

I triple checked the timing, made sure the crank was TDC, cams out at 10 and 2 positions, arrows on cam gears at 9,12 and 3...chain tensioner tightened down. Rotated the motor by hand truns over fine no valve contact but the bike will not start. I checked to make sure I didnt 180 the motor out but that wasnt the case. Got spark, got fuel. *** gives? forgot to mention what about the auto decomp on the ex cam? does that set automatically or could that be my problem?

The bike is a 2006 DRZ400SM with 2866 miles on it with 3x3 mod and matching jetting and removed spark arestor

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Can you post picks of your cam timing ?

yes i can let me go take some

The bike cranks for days, I even hooked up my car to it just to make sure it has enough juice. I covered all the basics first

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did you check the real basic things first?engine kill switch,clutch interlock switch,sidestand safety switch,fully charged battery?

Anyone? I just did the final try to recheck everything and I'm about ready to give up. Don't know what else to do. I'm going to make a video to show whats happening and to see if anyone can notice anything

good night bump

what bumtarder said plus

vacuum hose on petcock ?

FYI if you stripped the SP hole threads, chasing them wont fix them, you need a heli coil or similar to repair it

I recut the thread on the SP, and no its not the vacuum on the petcock.

got spark?

arer you leaking any air around the spark plug?

Why did you have the plug out in the first place?

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