xr250 running hot?

i have noticed on my rides in the philippines which is quite a hot place that my xr250 is running really hot!! When i ride my right foot is feeling the heat and when i park up even the metal tank is hot! After an hour or so the fins are still burning hot to the touch. I know at the moment that my oil is on the "lower" point of the stick and is honda standard mineral.

I am a bit worried that maybe the engine is suffering because of this.

I am considering going to 100 percent synthetic because it is supposed to be better in coping with the high heat and also filling it to the "upper" level of the dip stick marker. My bike is one of those newer types where the oil is held in the frame.

The oil I had in mind was Castrol Power1 4T 10w/50 simply because that was the only synthetic available in my local ace hardware.....although im wondering if my clutch will like this viscosity??

So what do you guys think... a good idea or not??

You should always try to run your oil near the higer mark on the dipstick, especially since there isnt a huge amount of oil to start with.

I agree with moving to a full synth oil. That Castrol Power1 4T 10w/50 should be fine for your clutch.

What kind of riding are you doing? Mostly street, lots of traffic?

Is the bike completely stock as far as air filter and exhaust?

I would check your jetting to make sure it's not too lean if it's getting that hot. At least retune the fuel screw. See if it needs to come out more(richer).

thanks guys.. ill do the oil change and see if i can make it richer... rejetting might be beyond me at the mo but ill see if the changes make a difference.

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