2010 yz450f exhaust

anybody had any problems with the silencer hitting the brake caliper? I have a Jardine and it's been hitting fairly good. Pipe is done, I need to buy a new one but don't won't to invest and have it hit. Springs for my weight and sag is at 102-104. Seems to hit make contact on the big hits or overjumping.

No problems here, I'm using an FMF 4.1 can, I've bottomed out plenty of times.

2011 with Pro Circuit T4-R 35 HRS loads of big bottom outs, NO caliper contact has been made..

I bet your subframe is bent

Yosh and never hits. And the underside of my white fender has a ton of tire scuffs.

Thanks for the replys guys. I'll check the subframe. it looks straight but I'll put a lazer on it.

Thnks again

YZ sub frames often appear to be set off to one side or other when visually inspected. Check out a new unit first.

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