Read my plug **PIC inside**

I did a race in snow flurries the other day and I'm jetted for 70+ degrees. I richened up the fuel screw but didn't re-jet for the colder temps. When I pulled the plug, it was obviously black and sooty but there is a small part of the porcelain that is white and the ground electrode is whitish. It seems like a conflict in principle. Am I correct to read this plug as too rich?


I say too rich, I like to see more light tan/white around the electrode and more of a brown around the rim. Your head's gettin' carboned up like that.

Depends on the fuel. If you run pump gas, you are wasting your time trying to read the plug. The additives in it make it near impossible.

When reading a plug, you do not read it at the tip, you read it at the bottom, where the porcelain meets the shell. So if you are running a race gas, your bike is rich. If you are not running a race gas, you have to go by the seat of your pants, 'how does it perform?'

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