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Couple of noob questions

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I had a 1878 KX250 in the 80s in high school

Now I have a 1991 KX250 and am really enjoying tearing up the lawn.

I've had it a whole two weekends now.

I know sleds and ATVs and RC trucks....and these two wheelers.

But this thing?.....

My five acres is tight. Only 1st and 2nd and a dip into 3rd gear.

But it seems the throttle is a tiggle switch?! When I run it on a track with some more room, will I have some more throttle control? When I use 2nd 3rd and 4th, does the hit mellow out a bit?

I can only ride it for 6-7-8 minutes. How long is an old man's class at the local race track? Do they put on "two lap races" for us 47 year olds? :thumbsup: I have visions of riding this thing at some local parks and private tracks all summer and going to my first race by the end of the summer.

Just reading and learning and wondering.


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They have a very kool race group out here in california called "the over the hill gang" which is for racers 30 yo and up. Its a great program, which allows people who didn't race as children prodigy's to enjoy racing without the stress of some 16 yo crashing into you.

Anyhow, yea they have limited length races for sure...

Now, in terms of your KX250, they can be a bit snappy, but you gotta take it to some open land to determine how snappy it really is. My guess is, there might be something wrong with the jetting or perhaps a dirty carb. If the power is like a light-switch, pull the carb apart, give it a good cleaning and put it back to base jetting, then try it. Most likely, its just something simple like that, they arn't completely on/off bikes, there is something in between for sure! :thumbsup:

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