Need asap!!!


I have a 1986 suzuki lt230s quadsport and i am having trouble finding a left side case for it. i look on ebay the only one i could find was 200 bucks not trying to spend that much for just a side case.:thumbsup: any ideas where i could get one for cheap or anything. thanks for you help.

Call ATV salvage yards and check Craigslist. Even post an ad on craigslist saying you want to buy one. I saw one for $150 on ebay but that's still more than I'd pay. Probably more than you would too.

....hmm..I think that I have a couple. If you were near I'd say come and get-em,but I see we are a ways apart...

could you send me one and i could send you the shipping fee?

Your my hero hahaha

well still looking around. but thanks for the advice hope someone becomes my hero before this weekend

well i thanks to badbird i got want i needed thank you so much for taking your time and helping me. i really am thankful for all your help... Go badbird!!!!:thumbsup: i will be riding the day i get it in the mail:ride:

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i put the wronng smiley.

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