2003 wr jetting

hello i think my wr could start better than what it does and was thinking you guys could put me on the right track as far as jetting. I havent done all the mods and dont plan on it the only mods i have done are aftermarket pipe, throttle stop, and zip ty fuel screw. My carb is all stock except a 48 pilot that i put in when i put the pipe on. So my carb is 150 main , 48 pilot , and standard clip position of 4th groove. My elevation is 700-1000 ft and temps from 50-90 degrees. My bike runs good but it is hard to start sometimes Thanks

Try checking your valves my 03 wr was very hard to start,went through the carb a few times no luck, 1 intake valve was a bit tight, now it starts 2 kicks cold 1 kick hot

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