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Hello guys (and gals)

Been a member for a week or two now the time has come for a bit of help.

I have a 2001 sm610s which i have pulled apart to change the cam chain and tensioner.

The question i have is while its partly stripped i may pull the whole top end and re-ring it but is it a good idea to fit a high comp piston?

I have had the top end off this before and there was no exccesive wear although i realize that there obviously will be compared to new, but what i mean is the bore is in great condition.

Is this do-able and would there be a noticeable difference in performance?

I have read that the standard c/r is about 9:1 on this bike but dont hold me to that.

I await your thoughts:worthy:

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Done some research over the last few days and found one or two bits of info which suggests the bike would be near imposable to start with high comp piston fitted.

Has anyone had first hand experience of this?

Bike at present has the usual Husky trait of being a good starter if you know how and have the knack. As well as understanding the Dellorto cold start system. Last thing i want to do is have a bike that wont go but how bad would the situation be?

BTW its the e-start 610 engine,right kick,left chain.

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