Dream come true?

Well I've been searching for a 125 for a year and I finally got one. Unfortunately the understanding didn't come along and vi had soo many questions.

The top end has 3 races on it. I will not be racing; just harescrambling and some fun track so how often do I do a top end if I stretch it as far as I can? Or what is it like when it gets ratty?

And why is it soo hard to start? It takes forever to start when cold, and when it's hot and you choke it out it will not start. I guess it's flooded? What's the proper way to start? Also, how doyou make it idol?

I replace the top end immediately after purchasing a used 2 stroke bike. Don't believe what the po tells and the fact that it doesn't want to start may be an indication of a worn top end or it could be other things. Opinions vary on top end replacement. On a 125 I try to replace the topend at 25-30 hours of course I'm one of those strange people that likes working on bikes as much as riding them.

how often do I do a top end if I stretch it as far as I can?
i ran for 2 years, some people will say every 30hr NQA some guys will run 100+ Hr and be fine.
And why is it soo hard to start?
125 hard? sorry man but hit the gym kicking is just something you have to get use to it will come with a lil practice
What's the proper way to start? Also, how doyou make it idol?
It totally depends on the bike, they have personalities like every other lady in your life. Mine liked gas on, and kick. simple some will like choke some will be easier to start than other. If you really have problems maybe you ned to clean your carbs jets. and the bike should idol by its self after starting again if it dosent something need to be fixed/cleaned.

It's not kicking the bike that's hard. I've started 250s easily. It's that I have to kick it 50 times when it's cold, and when it's hot and. I choke it out it takes like 100. Literally. How do I un flood it? What are symptoms of a bad top end? And what causes a hard to start 125?

And what do people mean when they say it runs "ratty"? What does a 125 act like when it needs a top end?

If it takes a 100 kicks I would pull the jug. It only takes a 1/2 hour or you could do a compression test. If the seller admitted to three races I would guess that truth be told it has a lot time on it.

take a couple extra plugs and a wrench with you. if you flood it, kick it over a couple times with the plug out, then put a new plug in and try again.

shouldn't need the choke when warm and crack the throttle a little as you kick it.

What bike, jetting, elevation and temp?

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