Fuel Screw Adjustment 09 230f

So I re jetted my carburetor with the power needle in the middle clip and 132 main jet. Bike is running real good except that the exhaust is popping a lot on deceleration and which I think means it is running to lean (not enough gas too much air). My big question is how do I correctly adjust the stock fuel screw (D shaped head) in the best and easiest way (which correct me if I am wrong could fix the popping of the exhaust problem). If that is not the problem could it be that I do not have the clipped in the correct position. I am close to sea level below 1000 feet.

Take a look at the sticky on the power up kit for the 230. It describes how to adjust the air screw but the D air screw is tough to get at when the carb is on the bike. Also do a search for popping in this forum. Your looking in the correct area and likely adjusting the fuel screw will improve it - worse case you need a bigger pilot jet. Also not sure on the 230 but the 150 has the air bypass valve on the carb (it is the diapham looking device at the top of the carb with hoses running to it) is intended to help eliminate some popping. Make sure it did not get disconnected.

you need to put in a 45 pilot to help with that popping too. I doubt a 42 is needed but it wont hurt to try.

The instructions that I followed to do the jetting said it was not necessary to go from a 42 pilot to the 45 pilot. Should I have went to the 45 pilot? Also is there a specific way to adjust the fuel screw basically from scratch. I am totally new to all this stuff and good step by step advice would be great on adjusting fuel screws with the bike running (hot adjust) since I got the extended fuel screw. Also, my last questions is when I installed the power up needle I put it on the 3rd clips. Should it have been the 4th clip? I'm sorry, once again this stuff is new to me.

Thanks a lot for that link. That was exactly what I was looking for.

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