Old Guys Needs a New Bike

I am 63, 5'6" and 185 lbs. I currently ride a 98 XR400, but I think its time for a lighter bike, age is starting to take a toll.

Since I only ride about 3 times per year down from twicw a week 10 years ago

I want to get a used bike.

I am thinking of either a 2003-2004 XR-250 of a 2006 CRF250X.

I would appreciate sugeestions- pros and cons of each bike.

I am not thrilled with the idea of dealer valve adjustments on the CRF250X

Where in AZ are you located?

The 96-04 XR250s are all pretty much the same bike, and has a good reputation.

A CRF250X has plenty of power but not the low end grunt of the XR, but auto clutches are available and the estart is a nice feature. I have friends who like the KTM 2Ts for their handling and light weight.

All of the late model bikes have too high a seat for trail riding so plan on the expense of lowering.

Either of the above Hondas would be my choice for AZ. For technical ST in the PNW I choose a XR200R which I modded with weight reduction, suspension and motor upgrades; now down to 208lbs compared to about 250lbs for each of he above.


Revlok is coming out with a Dynaring (autoclutch) for the 400 in the next 2 weeks!

Autoclutch and a lowering link and it'd be a whole new bike. (I have both coming)

I was seriously considering giving up dirt riding 4 years ago for the same reason. Until I rode a buddy's KTM 525EXC. I bought my 450 a week later. The KTM is so much easier to ride and so much easier on the old body than the various XRs (which I had been riding since '84) and the WR400 that I had previously. I am still riding and still enjoying it. I still have a soft spot for the XRs and ride my son's 650R once in a while, but it does take its' toll.


its good to hear from you. I don't want to give up riding buy my ass is starting to show some wear and tear.

How high is the seat height on the KTM?

You comming to AZ this winter. We can do a quad ride?

Wish you were closer.. I'd trade my Xr250r in a heartbeat for a 400!


its good to hear from you. I don't want to give up riding buy my ass is starting to show some wear and tear.

How high is the seat height on the KTM?

You comming to AZ this winter. We can do a quad ride?

Hi Ron...Good to hear from you too. I know what you mean, a weekend of riding these days exacts a heavy toll on everything, but it's still worth it. I have lowered the KTM a bit, I can get the balls of my feet on the ground, I have a 32" inseam. We had talked about AZ this past winter, but alas, the gas prices are forcing us to cut down on our motorhome travels. We will be able to do one trip this summer, but haven't decided on a destination yet. If we are coming your way, I'll give you a shout.

If I was you I would trade in the xr400 for a good high compression electric wheel chair.:confused: Just kidding. Go for it and get a cr500 to wake up the inner child. You can only go down hill from a xr 400 in my opinion, except for getting a xr 650r.:thumbsup:

I basically did the same thing as I went from a XR400 to a XR250 because the 400 was too heavy to wrestle around. The XR250 had the low end grunt that I appreciate and felt a lot lighter. That being said, the new bikes feel very light when they're up on 2 wheels. They all feel heavy when they're on the ground.

If you had the coin I would go with a CRF250x and have it lowered. If your not ratting on it even a CRF250r will go a long time before needing a valve adjustment, and the 250x is even easier on valves.

My main reason for picking the 250x is the electric start and modern suspension, hard to not consider those two goodies.

Another possibility is a TTR-230. Yea I know it's "blue" and only a 230, but the seat is wide and low and it has "the button" and being air cooled simplicity is it's middle name, sort of like a steet lgal DR-200. And it's not a performance bike (the TTR) so it should outlast the average lawn mower with very minor maintenance.

I love it when guys say '' Modern Suspension''

I sold my Hadaka back in 1980 for a YZ with '' modern suspension'' :thumbsup:

and sold it and bought a new bike always for the latest and greatest.

I love the new bike smell !

Modern suspension , when will the suspension be perfect ? I wonder if not ever. They need to sell new bikes .

I have a couple xr400r's and ride one when it feels right, it's a heavy bike thats for sure and I have fun but I love my 97 xr250r that has had the standard mods, jets and a pro circuit pipe . I ride with xr400's and they have to keep up with me.

The bike is just the right size and power for the trails here in Michigan and i'm 5-9 , 170 . I like to putt around in first and do trials type stuff and also go crazyfast so the 250 gets it all done. When I fall off, I don't worry about a radiator I can pick it no matter how tied I am.

If I were riding on the road I guess I'd go for a much bigger bike than a 400.

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