moose flexx bars 1 1/8"

i just ordered these moose flex bars for my ktm online. and i heard good reviews on them i just want to hear what u guys on thumpertalk think about them . should i send them back or try them this season????

they are just a bar, how would you define if they are good or not?

how comfortable they are ...the flex on they bend...durable to scratches..u must not know much

all fat bars are strong, as for comfortable it depends on the bend totally, not the bars...durable to scratches? they are anodised, they are not durable, but they are not going to be any worse than other brands are they? you dont drag bars across the ground unless you crash and then you are asking to damage them...i know loads thanks...

when something is anodized its pretty durable considering u can buy anodized colored sprockets...check ur info

post in the correct forum , the anodising on bars is not like that on forks , the anodising on forks costs more than the bars , sprockets are anodised decent like you say , if bars had a chain wrapped around them they would use a harder anodising , please use English on the forum , text talk is not really the done thing , have a good day

why would you buy a set of bars and not use them?that doesnt make much sense to me.and mog just happens to be one of the most knowedgeable people on this forum.

because if i do not use the bars i plan to give them to my brother or put them on my 450sxf..then ill just buy faastco flexx bars which i have on my Husaberg fe 450



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