Machine work in Fresno area?


I have Cr85 head needs resurfaced and re-domed for 49.5mm piston.

send it down here to AS racing... Paul... Just look for his website....

I send mine out to a person that specializes in the bike brand and dont use anyone here in town. Dont even know if there is a competant person here.

^^ I stand by what I said. Paul is a straight up guy and does AMAZING work. Call him and arrange the transaction... u wont be disappointed

Ended up taking to BRM Racing. Tony has been building motors for a long time. I was just wondering if there was any machine shops that I might not know about. $80 for the machining will be done Wed.

where is BRM?

Sunnyside and Dakota. Right next door to Nobile Ent. Tony Baker. Very high quality work.

OK, did you have specs for him for the dome or does he just wing it on experience to get the squish right?

Talk to Ryan at Moto-one in Clovis. Real nice guy too

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