YZ Rear Fender / Water in Airbox???

I just put a YZF rear fender on my '01 WR. Looking from the back, I can see where water and stuff could get between the seat and fender (down those stylish vents), and ultimately in the air box (lid cut, not removed). Has anyone had this problem? Any fix ideas??? Should I even worry about it?

SCLAUS, I have an '01-WR, and have been running a YZ fender since late Feb. No problems to date.

Last friday, I rode through Deep Creek-here in the So. Calif. mountains- without any problem. FYI- the water was very deep.

Ron in SoCal, our ThumperTalk Comrade who invited all to join in on the ride, also made the crossing twice without incident.

My point is... you needn't worry about it.

If you do happen to get water in the box, merely take off that little clear plastic pinched hose, and let the water drain out.

It's located on the bottom of your airbox-left side. That should do the trick.


Thanks RAZOR...I won't give it another thought. :)


I've been running the YZ fender for about 6 months (ago only 3 of those actual riding time :) ). Muddy conditions, but no deep water, only 1 foot at the most.

My airbox lid is removed. The air filter does get a little dirtier, but considering your's is on with a few holes, I totally agree with RAZER-- you have nothing to worry about.

You might as well replace that stock airbox plug with a longer, open hose. Other stuff for high water--reroute engine breather and carb vent hoses to higher ground. Do a search for all kinds of advise on this.

I also use Hondabond4 on the carb sealing points as insurance against air, dirt, and water entry points. Anyone else use this?

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