Speedometer suddenly quite?

I was rolling down a paved road, and suddenly my speedometer stopped working, said I was going 0 miles an hour, and the odometer was also not advancing.

The clock is working, leading me to believe that it's somewhere in the cable. I pulled over and unscrewed the cable from the speedometer unit, there was a lot of grease on it, but it was fully plugged in on both ends.

Any idea where I should look for issues? Just looking for somewhere to start, thanks for any advice!

roll the bike along or spin the front wheel and see if the cable is actually turning in side.if not,the cable or speedo drive is the culprit.

Cable probably unscrewed out of the back of the speedo

I suppose I'm confused (unfamiliar, rather) with how the speedometer cable transmits data to the speedo. Does the little metal cable in there spin or what? If so how does the cable attach at the speedo end to transmit that motion? Knowing how it works will probably help me figure out what's wrong with it:bonk:

Does the little metal cable in there spin or what?

Yes. Make sure the cable is threaded in all the way to the back of the speedo and at the hub.

Remove the cable and inspect the inner drive cable....

+1 on checking that it's screwed in first. If that doesn't work disconnect both sides, spin one side to make sure the other moves too and the cable isn't broken. After that you can test the actual computer by disconecting the cable from the hub and spinning it by hand. Though if you're like me you'll end up taking your wheel off and finding out that the white plastic gear inside of the hub that goes on the axle is worn out.

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