dr 650, rmz forks

just finished the rmz front end swap, pretty easy no more front end dive. next up rear shock/ 18" wheel....023-1.jpg


Def looks hot. Im sure it rides even better. Details on the swap?

wow, its amazing how inverted forks change the look of a bike!

we need more setup specs! what year/hub/wheel/brakes etc...?

X's 3. Details. We need details. Simple bolt on?:thumbsup:

front end came from a 2005 rmz 450, craigslist, 275.00 plus shipping, complete.. bars brake assembly, forks triple clamps, front wheel rotor. the rmz triple clamps fit exact in place on my 09 dr. same exact stem. used my brake system, caliper fit on the rmz mount. didnt have to open the system. my fat bars with the dr clutch lever and brake lever. no speedometer, will have to get a vapor or such. rmz wheel, axle, fender, fabricated a ignition switch mount out of aluminum angle. on the dr headlight mount i cut off the round parts that the original dr forks went thru. then cut a one inch strip of rubber, inserted between what was left of the headlight mount and rmz for tubes. it gives you two upper and lower clamp mounting points. i used hose #28 automotive hose clamps to make it fit, then today ordered some stainless t bolt clamps. headlight and ignition switch are both solid. had a stabilizer from an rm 250 bolted on the bars and the frame mount took one small shim and its solid too.. 019-1.jpg020-2.jpg021-1.jpg

Now that is an awesome swap.:thumbsup:

Did the steering stops match right up or did they require any work?

Looks great! :thumbsup:

What about the springs and the valving? Did you do anything to the forks to account for the setup comming off of a 245lb dirt bike to a "slightly" heavier dual sport?

didn't do anything with the steering stops yet. working on options. going to try the forks the way they are. they were valved for off road and mx springs are generally stiffer, which might be good with the "slightly" more weight. so we will see how it works first. i will put it to a torture test. i ride some tough desert stuff, until i do the rear spring whoops are out.

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