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88' Kawasaki KDX250 VIN location??

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Hey guys first time poster here!

My friend recently got me into trail riding, so the other day we picked up a used bike for me we found on Craig's List (88' Kawasaki KDX250). I was pretty pumped about getting it and bringing it home so I handed the guy the cash got the bike in the van and that was that.

After I got home I realized after reading some stuff online that I should probably have gotten a bill of sale for the bike at least, if not a title of ownsership as well. I texted the guy who sold it to me and asked if there was a proof of ownership title or anything paperwork wise he might have had for the bike, which was a no.

After this I kinda freaked myself out realizing that even tho I shelled out $$$ for the bike he could technically report it stolen.

I looked up a sample bill of sale that I was planning on emailing to the guy to write up for me, found this: http://www.mass.gov/dfwele/dle/BillofSaleATVSnow.pdf

I know I live in NY and that link has Mass. in it but it looks like an okay form to use anyway, at least to just document that he sold it to me.

Here is where my main question comes in...

I was gonna write up the VIN number and engine serial on the thing for him before sending it, assuming that he probably didn't have that information written anywhere. I believe I got the engine serial, looks like: KX250EE xxxxxx, where xxxxxx is a 6 digit number following the first part.

As for the VIN I was unable to locate it anywhere by looking from the outside without taking any of the plastic parts off. I've read that its supposed to either be on the right side of the frame up near the steering bars (apologies if thats not what the thing that holds the handlebars/suspension and all that together is called), or somewhere around that location. I looked pretty thoroughly and wasn't able to find it anywhere.

Is it possible that the VIN was painted over??(I'm assuming the VIN is engraved into the frame and isn't on a tag on a bike this old) I can post pics tomorrow on the areas of the front of the bike where I feel like it should be so you guys can yell at me if I'm looking at the totally wrong area. If someone has the same or a similar bike and could post a pic of the location of the VIN I'd really appreciate it!! Let me know what you guys think, thanks.


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