What the hell is Erzberg??? The Basics


OK, if u have never heard of Erzberg let me give you a brief description of what Ive been told and or read

It is an extreme off road motorcycle race that is said to be the worlds toughest single day off road event. They get approximately 1500+ racers (over 1800 this year) and they have 2 days of fast jeep road racing up the iron mountain. The top 500 riders will advance to the main event which is a 4 hour hare scramble. 10 rows of 50 people will attempt to make it as far as they can. Approximately 30 people a year will make it to the end in the 4 hour period.

Some of the rules are the trails tires are NOT allowed. Assistance (spectators who pull riders up the hill with long tow ropes) is allowed but only in certain areas.

The course is comprised of near vertical hills that riders must go up and down, handlebar deep water holes, rock gardens that comprised of 1000's of very large blasted rocks, off camber muddy hillside areas and other man made obstacles.

Here is video of what it is like.

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Good luck Mike, go show Taddy Blazusiak how it's done! :thumbsup:

The most important --- Have Fun and Enjoy it!

The most important --- Have Fun and Enjoy it!

That is such a cliché, but you know what, it is true, i remember at the ISDE I would get so worked up about doing the best that i could that it detracted from the fun. the last day when i knew i would finish, i took it slow (in the parce ferme / pits when working on the bike) and it was a breath of fresh air...thanks /.....i almost forgot...

Good Luck Mike!

I am Don Graver's youngest son, I wish I would have been able to join you at Trevorton with my dad.

Maybe we'll get my dad into better shape so he can give Erzberg a shot next year:thumbsup:

Thanks Graver Jr! Hope to See Dad and YOU out there!

Hope your ready Mike, see you in the KTM pits. I will be there wednesday afternoon. Only 8 more days brother.

Jon Heerkens

Prologue # 57

Stefan Everts 10 times World Champion, started the Iron Road Prolog.

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