1982 xl500r jumps out of first gear

Hello any help would be appreciated, my 1982 xl500r wont stay in first gear as soon as you start pulling out it pops out, would a week clutch cause this ? Thanks Dwight

Either the dog ears are bad or the shifting drum has a grove wore in it, the clutch is fine and has nothing to do with it staying in gear.

Hello and thanks for the reply ,the bike was crashed out pretty hard on the break side, could this haave jared anything that could be a easy fix, without splitting the case? Thanks again Dwight

No easy fix..I think it's a common problem with the 82..Mine also does it...Any extreme acceleration on in first will cause it to sort of lurch forward, jerk about a bit, jump out of gear, making the use of first more or less useless unless under easy acceleration..Don't know what causes it and can't be bothered pulling it apart to the Gearbox to fix it..,,I say..known issue..weak point in first gear engineering.

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