Motorcycle is running wide open when started

What causes this, dirt in the carb?

Yes, there could be a piece of dirt on the throttle valve/slide, causing it to stick on the carb.

I would recommend taking the carb out and cleaning it, making sure you pay attention to the throttle valve/slide.

Make sure your throttle cable is correctly fitted and that it is not frayed.

Also make sure the spring which goes into the throttle valve/slide and onto the Carb Cap is seated correctly, if not it can cause the throttle slide to come up and not move when turning the throttle.



Have you tried adjusting the idle screw if that doesnt do it i would go with what the guy above me said try cleaning the carb.

Yeah, tried both, it's got me baffled :thumbsup:

Yeah, tried both, it's got me baffled :thumbsup:

So you tried cleaning the carb and checking the idle screw?

Have you checked the throttle cable to see if it is frayed or catching?



Yeah all looks good, its doing this with the throttle closed, im thinking maybe something in the carb is worn.

Bad left side crank seal.

Bad left side crank seal.

Quit possibly if it's a 2-stroke. To the OP, what bike is this?

No it's a 4 stroke a modified KLX110.

No it's a 4 stroke a modified KLX110.

theres your problem :thumbsup:

No it's a 4 stroke a modified KLX110.

Then it's not a crank seal, that's a 2-stroke thing only.

Check if your throttle cable got pinched or pulled. I had a crash and when the bike went down something pulled the throttle cable and it pinched against the tank, holding it wide open. If you've recently had the tank off it may have been pinched when the tank was put back on (happened 2 nights ago to me). Tank the tank off, fire it up (make sure the carb has gas in it, and try again, see what happens

I've had that problem when my carb slide was installed backwards.

The slide is in correctly.

Make sure that it opens and closes fully. There should only be a small gap between the floor and the bottom of the slide.

Kinked throttle cable.

your throttle cable is bound up somewhere

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