DR200s needs new engine

valve broke and put hole in piston. not pretty. Low mileage bike. looking for a replacement engine. They seem very hard to find. is there any other engine that will fit into the DR200 frame that might be easier to find. or even a china clone. who sells rebuilt engines. I have been searching and have not found anything yet. Thanks

It might be cheaper to rebuild it, how bad is the head and cylinder?

The broken valve really beat up the head, piston and cylindar walls. The hole is big enough that metal parts may have gotten into the lower end. The motor did not seize up. There are grooves in the cams. So the head is toast. I took it to a good mechanic and he suggested that I find another motor. I am the third owner of the bike so I bought someone elses neglect. Though I fault myself for not having the valves checked right away. An expensive lesson in buying used bikes. It is an 03 with only 2000 miles on it. It looks like it was sitting in a garage most of its life.

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