06 525 EXC Headlight Wiring HELP

I bought the TUSK enduro lighting kit and I have everything hooked up (horn,turn signals) except now is time to cut into my stock EXC headlight wires to hook-up the hi/low/off control switch from TUSK. I don't want to experiment with just cutting wires to see if this works and I have studied directions, watch video, but this EXC headlight has different wiring set-up than what is in those directions. Wondering if someone has did this already?

ALSO the TUSK Compact Control Switch comes with three wires (BLACK-Headlight main), (WHITE - Low Beam), (BLUE - High Beam). I need to know what wires and where (at headlight, before 4wire female, after, etc) to splice. I also was hoping that the headlight comes on when I turn the power switch on (bike not running). Could use step by step instructions if anyone knows? Thanks, all help appreciated...don't want to frankenstein my stock wiring on trial/error.

MORE INFO, from my headlight on EXC are 4 wires (before female plug): Blue, Green, Brown, White....my guess and from reading other posts that Brown is ground, need to know which colors are high and low beam on stock bike to splice into TUSK white low beam wire, TUSK blue high beam wire, and TUSK Black headlight main? The video show the main wire needs to connect to positive wire way before male/female plug..

MORE INFO, working backwards from headlight toward my stock on/off headlight switch.........From my stock headlight going into the first connection are four wires (blue, green, brown and white) those plug into the stock KTM female connector and coming out male connector are 3 whites and a brown, that turn into 1 brown and one white, which from there I believe one of those white wires goes to the stock on/off headlight pull switch (next to speedometer). Which wires and where exactly do i snip them to match up with my TUSK (blue black and white)?

OKAY, I called Rocky mountain ATV/MC and the guy walked me right through it.

SNIP BLUE/GREEN and WHITE on my headlight before the female plug.

Connect WHITE from bike to Black from TUSK.

Connect BLUE from Bike to BLUE from TUSK.

Connect Green from bike to White from TUSK.


Thanks for everybody's help....NOT!


OKAY I fired up my bike and the headlight did not work as instructed by the Rocky Mtn guy. I took his word for it and could not start my bike at the time because was somewhat diaassembled (tank off, etc,) while I was installing wiring harness. I was so thankful that he was able to help, that I took his word for it that it would work. I believe the white wire needs to be cut back before it reaches female/male plug by headlight in order to work. To pass inspection, I wired back to stock on/off pull headlight switch that came with bike until I have time to mess with this again!

Sorry for above mispost - TRUST but VERIFY is moral of this story.

I just got done installing the tusk kit on my 05 450 exc. Here is how i did it:

Brown is ground and stays connected through the original plug.

black on the new switch goes to white BEFORE the original plug. The white wire needs to be CUT before the plug and connected to the new black wire. If you just splice into it for power and leave it going through the switch i dont think it will work.

White coming out of the new switch goes to grn on the headlight.

Blue on the new switch goes to blue on the headlight.

This puts the new switch in series with the old so they both have to be on to work. This bypasses the small daytime running lite and just uses the high and low filaments in the large bulb.

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