First attemps @ GoPro

First video is at my house, first ride of the year and track was just redone. Second video is from my friends track on his farm. His track was insanely rough, and has some good hills in it but the camera doesn't do it justice!

Hoping someone can help me with these. I'm using a gopro 1080 HD and importing the video's to my computer via iphoto and then transfering them to imovie to edit. When I upload them to youtube they don't upload in HD though. Plus, it seems like I'm losing quality going from my camera to the computer. Any advice? Thanks in advance!

Good video, Doesn't seem like your loosing quality in the transfer. However the more programs you run the video through the potential for quality loss goes up. You might want to remove those tires from the track...Great riding..

Thanks, the track is in a cow pasture so the cows push the tires out into the path lol. Sometimes the first lap can be kinda sketchy!

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