E air box question

Looking at my k3-e model and have a query about the 3x3.

I'm a bit confused, William1 said to remove the snorkel and stick a 158 main jet in - got my jet yesterday and whipped the seat off....there is no snorkel (that i can see)and the hole in the top is definitely standard but measures approx 3.5"x3.3". is this coz its an e and not an s/sm. (only everyone seems to have to cut the hole bigger!) as far as i'm aware the jetting is standard atm, and i still have stock e exhaust. should i tape it off to measure 3x3 or what?

Thanks in advance.

Yes . E air boxes already have a 3x3 hole. And came new with a rubber insert.Someone removed yours.

Sorry to be a pain but is that a yes tape it off to a 3x3, or leave it as it is without the insert/snorkel and do the jet to a 158?

Leave it as it is, try the 158. Do not worry, you will not hurt anything.

But... since the snorkle has already been removed, I would like to assume someone already rejetted it. How does your bike perform flat out?

seems alright, a little delay when you pin it right back, and seems to bog a little when you nail it from a stop.

A bog from idle is normal. No one rides at idle and then nails the throttle anyways.

Have you done the Eddie mod (fine adjusted the AP) yet?

nope, didn't even know about that. Will give the new main jet a go and see how that goes then do that if i need to. I've only had the bike about three months now, so very new to the drz scene.

It is funny that there isn't much mention of the E airbox. I ran into the same thing you did and asked the same question.

I have a 165 main and a muzzy exhaust.

Search how to remove the coast enricher and do this accelerator pump mod.

Makes worlds of difference.


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