Cam Chain replacement (Looking for a "How-To")

Surely someone has done this and can help out. I'm not paying $85/hr for a shop to do the work, especially when they tell me it takes 5-6 hours.

If not, the bike is just going to sit. Come on guys!

I'd also like to know. I don't need it now, but I will in the future.

you really want a service manual for this even with a good write-up.

really not that hard at all.

need to remove:


engine oil

valve cover


entire clutch cover

stator cover(to hold flywheel while removing primary nut)

i cannot recall if clutch basket needs to be removed to get primary nut off - i'm thinking yeah...but not sure.

drop new cam chain in from top

install on primary gear.

re-install primary nut.

use rope, string, etc. to hold cam chain from dropping down into gallery.

re-install cams, clutch cover, etc..

double check cam timing.

that is far from a complete doesn't mention draining and refilling the coolant nor the removal of the clutch basket(and the holding tool needed for it) to enable the removal of the lower timing gear to remove the cam chain.the primary gear nut,balancer shaft nut loctite fix and mcct should also be done while the cam chain work is being performed.get a factory service manual and the appropriate tools,gaskets,oil,coolant and materials before you begin.

I have all the tools, minus the clutch holder. Also already have the MCCT, but it wasn't installed soon enough before my chain died. I found a download of the service manual and have read the procedure probably 10 times already haha. Only part I'm a little intimidated by is pull out the clutch assembly.

Also, I guess I need to know what type of clutch tool to get. There's one listed in the service manual, but I can only find 1 of them for $200!? Surely there's something less expensive than that...

i never used the clutch holding tool.

with the motor in the frame & drive chain still on the bike, i just put bike in 5th gear to remove. clutch hub nut isn't high torque.

i also never claimed that my 1st reply was a complete write up for cam chain replacement...afterall, i didn't mention to remove the fuel tank lol

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