2005 RM 250 Gearing???

Good Morning,

2005 RM 250 gearing, keep it stock (13-50) or is there a better set-up that people have found works better?

I realize this is pretty open ended, but I was just curious.



I have stock gearing on my bike and I can go to the MX track one day and race a hare scramble the next. I know alot of people who mess with their gearing; but unless you notice your bike struggling in a specific area; id leave it alone.

the rm will pull a 13/48 ....no problem.

I used this combo for a while ....it smooths out the power....and gives me better throttle control.

I put a dyna ring clutch in it a few months back......and was not able to get the rev's I wanted from the motor.....so now I am running a 13/49 with good results.

good luck.

i just got my motor worked and i was thinking of going 14/50. i want to get as much top end out of my bike as i can.

some people complain that the rm has no low end but i think that with the help of the clutch you have as much low end power as anyone could ask for

For woods I like 13/51.

I am going with 13/52, some of the places I ride are rocky and it is very difficult to get through.

I am going with 13/52, some of the places I ride are rocky and it is very difficult to get through.

Do you have a stock chain guide?

Gonna be tight.....

What type of riding? My 07 came with 13/50 which was good for general trail and track work however I have since swapped to 13/48 as I ride alot of wide open roads between trails and was finding I was topping out in 5th alot and felling like i needed a 6th gear.

13/48 has definitely tamed the thing down. Before I never used 1st unless starting on a hill but now its alot more usable. Im thinking of going to a 49 though to get a little bit more of the hit back.

Bascially general riding 13/50

Tight woods and tight tracks 13/51

Wide open fire roads etc 13/48 13/49 or 14/50

Also one thing to note is a 14t front wont physically fit my 07 without removing the case saver and grinding the swingarm

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