2005 wr450 carb parts

Im having some float issues and cant find part numbers for the float needle seat. I was wanting to change the seat along with the needle.

You may not find that in the Yamaha parts catalog.

look at Sudco. Or, just call them. They got the stuff that you can't get directly from Yamaha.


sudco says that the seat is not removeable. Its real hard to believe. I just changed the seat and needle out on my buddys 426 and that carb looks almost the same minus the hot start on the side of the carb.

That seat is brass, isn't it?

Someone, somewhere should have that. I remember asking Sudco about that two years ago for my 450 and they told me it was available. Do you think they were referring to the seat for the 426 carb instead?

Another question, why do you think that the seat needs to be replaced? Is gas leaking past the float needle? Is there a "thicker" one available?

Try CarbPartsWarehouse ot KTM or Cyclewearables

No no 'thicker' seas are made, it would only force you to reset your float height anyways, negating the extra thickness.

Usually a leak at the seat is caused by the oring there having dried out and cracked. The needle seat very, very rarely needs replacing.

I agree, i was just gonna change it while i was back in the carb. Im gonna just get a new valve needle and see if it fixes it. I figured while i had the carb out and starter out i would just replace. starter is comming out for new brushes. Thanks for reading and offering all the help

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