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96 JDM XR250 with Keihin VE88 carb woes. Help Please

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Hi all

I've been struggling to get my bike running after completely cleaning up the the carby.

The fuel screw adjustment is really driving me up a wall :worthy:

Bike refused to start earlier without full choke but managed to sort that out.

Now she starts up after a bit of a struggle but cuts out when you throttle down...

throttle up is fine... But starting it up is very tough.

Everything except for the fuel screw is checked and sorted. No air leaks etc.

I don't have the proper tool to adjust the fuel screw while the carb is attached cos this model comes with the electric leg and the motor sits right under the carb.

I tried the 2 turns our from a roughly seated fuel screw...no joy

tried about 4 turns out...no joy again...

Does anybody know the stock setting for this carby?

Bike ran perfectly fine with the stock setting all these years until i removed the damn fuel screw for cleaning :confused:

I've ordered the motion pro tool but it will take time to get here...I have a 6 day ride coming up and gotta get the bike running properly :busted:

appreciate any help :thumbsup:

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When you reinstalled the fuel screw, were the o-ring and washer positioned properly?

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thanks for the reply creeky!

Yes the fuel screw was installed properly. I have the manual in jap and followed the diagrams

removed the carby again last night :thumbsup:

adjusted the fuel screw 2.5 turns out from slightly seated position and now she fires up after a few tries. Rode it and she runs ok without any noticeable issues.

feel the power is a tad bit less though...and when gassing there seems to be a bit of a lag...

Bikes fires up without choke and any effort when engine is warm

cold start is a bit of a hassle.

you think the carby is still running lean?

hope that bloody motion pro adjuster thing gets to me soon :confused:

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