manual decomp

my old 2001 yz250f seems to be a little low on compression. its alright riding it and seems alright but starting it seems low compared to my 2010. does the decomp make it easier than the 2010? i have a few trouble with my decomp recently. its starting to get a little sloppy. and some times the kick start lever will just fall out from under my foot. would this effect it. how much would it cost for a top end rebuild on my 01 in australia. its done 150 hrs and never been rebuilt

Cost of the rebuild greatly depends if you can do it yourself or not. If you can do it yourself then it depends on how much you can get the parts for. Try eBay for deals on piston kits also highly recommend finding an exhaust cam from an 03 or newer to switch to auto decomp

nah i probably wont do it my self. just let the shop do it all. how much do you reckon

Dunno never had a shop work on my bike

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