cleaning up plastics

Hey guys what product do you reccomend to help get scuff marks out of my black plastics? They dont look that bad just want to clean them up a little.


plexxus works pretty good. and gets your plastics shiny again

Magic eraser! Works amazingly well. Gets all the dirt out of the scratches. Then I just grabbed some quick detailer stuff for cars that I have in the garage.

Worked great. I was going to get new plastics because mine looked so bad. After the magic eraser, they nearly look new.


I had some old polishing compound wax laying around and it worked very well for getting out scuffs.

Pledge, Meguir's Plasti X or plastic polish for deep scuffs...Pledge works wonders and repells dirt/water

I go with the black magic wax to clean off black marks on my white plastic

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