Trevorton coal piles VS my tire

I ride alot up at Trevorton and the coal hill climbs. I really need to find a good tire that can take a good solid beating I have less than 24 hrs of ride time on my kenda millville and I can't believe how thrashed the tire is tons of knobbies torn off tread wore down its pretty bad.... so anyone else who runs alot up at trevorton what do you use?

everyone has there own opinion on tires. I ride in the treverton area sometimes and like you said the millville doesnt last to long, i have ran the M5B also and had about the same results with maybe alittle better, but it is the tire the most of the old school hill climbing guys on the 500's run. I have been running kenda carlsbad and the kenda budds creek lately and have had very good luck with them no chunking and nice even wear.

Did you pick a tire?

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