YZ 250 rear shock compression adjuster shim stack and spring

does anybody have the stock shim stack in the high/low speed compression adjuster of the rear shock? I am pretty sure it has not changed since 2006, when the 250 yz got the 18mm shaft. i also need the spring rate, and even better the spring measurements.

I just got a yz 250 2008 that belonged to a 220 lbs rider. I suspect they revalved the compression adjuster and changed the small spring with a stiffer one.


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wrong year

Thought it went 18mm in 06?

Thought it went 18mm in 06?

yes you are right, my mistake, it has not changed since 2006, thanks

the later ones(08 i think) have 2.7mm holes in the comp adjuster piston as well.

2008 standard:

2 - 18x.30

2 - 16x.30

2 - 11x.30


fantastic, thanks a lot. I got a hold of the 2006 stock valving specs of a yz250F and a yz450F too and they all have the same compression adjuster shim stack.

Now I need to verify the small spring in the compression adjuster. I measured it: lengh 28.0mm, outer diameter 19.14 mm, wire diameter 3.08mm. could anybody confirm that those are stock measurements? thanks

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