HOw desirable are KTM 400 XCW's with RFS motor

I found a 2007 locally, but can't seem to find comparisons online. Are they desirable, few in numbers, or are people just hanging onto them?

Those that have them love them. The few who sell them regret it and spend alot of time trying to find another one. My brother has one with a 453 kit on it. Not an enduro or H&H goes by that someone does not offer to buy it from him!

if you do not want this one, shoot me a phone number or a contact, we will be there in 48 hours to pick it up!

Carl Johansson

Thanks Carl,

I have only ridden this bike in the shop's lot. I have heard it rides and turns "lite" compared to other bikes in the same class. How would you say it compares to a 250/350?

I've ridden a 400 in the woods and like it a lot. You can get aggressive with it and rev it w/o it biting you like a 450 or 525/530 can, but it also has way more roll on power than a 250F. I have not ridden the new KTM 350, so I can't compare it to that bike. It does feel a little lighter in the tight stuff than the 450.

Also, the '07 is the last year of the RFS engine, which many guys still consider to be KTMs best engine for off road riding and racing. Lots of little issues with the newer XC4 motor that have left more than a few guys wishing the RFS would come back. It still has the screw tappet valve adjusters rather than shim under bucket which is a much easier setup for checking and adjusting the valves and a single oil system rather than the split system (like Honda), which a lot of guys prefer too.

Oh yeah, KTM didn't make as many 400s as they did of the 450 and 525, so they are a bit on the rare side.

Thanks a lot for the info

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