showa valving!

I'm a little confused here maybe someone can clear my head, my question is

if I have a showa setup for fork and shock can I used on all showas? I mean if I have a really nice setup for a rmz450 can I use the same setup for all year rmz with showas up to 2011(I know that the 2010 an up rmzs use a diferent shock piston but I ca change that to the regular piston) and also can I use this setting for the crfs up to 2008 and for the kxf250 up to 2010?:thumbsup:

you can use it as your start point but it wont work exactly the same on different bikes, things like spring seats, chassis stiffness all play a part, with the crf they have the 16mm shaft so that makes a difference as well.But a good setting in a rmz will not be a terrible setting in a crf and vice versa, so try it out.

As Mog stated it might be a decent starting point , but might be further off than the oem stck valving. Each chassis needs something different.


Do they work on all years rmz450s?

i dont think the 450 fork has really changed since 06?

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