Pipe Question..

I currently have a '05 RM 250 with the Pro Circuit Platinum 2 and 304 silencer. I was considering swapping over to FMF and getting a Fatty with FMF Q silencer or Gnarly with Q silencer...any thoughts or opinions..

I pretty much ride/race harescrable type events with tight woods; with the occasional mx section or occasional track day..

Inquiring minds want to know ? :confused::thumbsup:

Back when I had a year old 00 cr 250 , I bought a gnarly for it......it put "all" of the power in the bottom 1/3 of the powerband......I could pull 3rd gear starts !!! with a little clutch slippage.

I have had fatty pipes on the 98 rm , that I had, and it was nice...provided smooth power all over.

I run a turbine core II on my 05 rm , with a stock pipe. I like it because it is not as long as the Q....but still always passes the sound tests.

I don't see the advantage of all the low-end on the gnarly....vs. what I would miss on the top end from the stock or the fatty.

My .02.

racing down here is pretty rough and dusty this season....how about up there ???


in the summer/early fall we get some dust.. but since most of the racing i do is august -feb..its not really that bad. Thanks for your input.

i have gnarly/powercore on my 05 and its actually pretty quiet and the power layout is perfect

gnarly/ Q will most likely suit your type of riding/racing very well. me? i race strictly mx so on my 04 Rm 250 im running a pro circuit works pipe and 304 shorty silencer, along with a ported/polished cylinder, re worked port timing, milled head and some powervalve modifications. you could say that my RM is frightening lol

pro circuit plat for more bottom end, gnarly for lots of bottom end, bills pipe to rev to the moon, fmf fatty for more all around power.

long silencer = more top end

short silencer = more bottom end

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