Fixing bike creates more issues

Finally changed out my right sided crank seal this weekend on my 93 RM 250.

It was a hard start and blowing smoke before I did it. Changed all the seals I could on the right side, kick start, water pump, new gaskets, oring for clutch, etc.


Fixing a right side crank seal leak, would after fix your bike seem to have more compression because you stoped the air/oil leak? Just wondering as it seems harder to kick over (maybe its just me).

Also when I fixed the seal, when I fired the bike up (after several mins/tries) it died after start up. Tried starting again and no go, so I took out the plug and it was black. I had inspected the plug a few times when riding it before the crank shaft seal change and it was always grayish/looked good.

Would replacing the worn seal with a new one change anything to make me foul the plug?

i put a new plug in and it fired right up first kick....drove around the yard for a while and came back in to change out the warmed oil. I tried firing it6 up again after I shut it off and no go. took out new plug and it was not as bad, but headed to black so I cleaned it up and the bike fired 1st kick.

Any ideas? on either thought (gained compression/fouled plug) after right side crank seal change...or am I just

It may be that you just have to rejet since there was tranny oil affecting the jetting before, or you you put the seal in the wrong way.

yeah, the oil side crank seal goes with the spring side of the seal out or showing.

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