stuck throttle wide open on 04 CRF450

i just bought a used 04 Honda CRF450 from my buddy. It has been sitting for a couple years but is in great shape. I took it out to the track and on lap 1 it stuck WFO and scared the crap out of me. Took it back to the truck and took the throttle apart to clean and inspect. Took the tank off to, everything looked fine. Went back out on the track and same thing, ecept this time it was fricken crazy when it stuck wide open through a long whoop section. I still have no idea how i pulled it off. So, i took it back home to tear the carb apart. What i found was the slide was sticking at wide open. I could feel it binding as i manually operated the carb. I took the slide out and it appears the slide has a plate that attaches to it with an o-ring to seal it. I am thinking this plate was coming loose or slipping off the slide causing it to bind up? Does anyone know antthing about how to keep it from happening again?


Doubt it is the vacuum release plate. More likely is a bent throttle shaft, a misadjusted slide where it attaches to the throttle shaft or a incorrect throttele stop screw.

If the vacuum release plate fit was as loose as you infer, then the carb body is worn out.

i will check it out, thanks you

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