ktm 125sx sprockets

i have a 125sx and it is set up for track and i want it to be set up for trail what size sprockets do i get to make it best for trail......and what oz. flywheel weight do i get


tight woods or more open stuff? What year 125?

02 and more of tight muddy up hill ridding

if you have a ktm 125 then why did you put a post up today asking if you should get a 125 or an 85?

ecause i wanted to see what one would fit me better

well with the SX gear box first is a little high for tight slow stuff and 5th is low for going fast on roads. I had a 200 with the SX gears and used 13-46, but it also had a 6th gear. You will just have to ride it and see what it needs.

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