DBADA Tech Tip (Linkage rebuild)

2008 CRF450R.

When rebuilding your linkage the needle bearings are not all the same size! The ones on the shock mount are shorter. This make for big problem when you just soak the link in gas and have all the little buggers fall out in one big pile. I had waited and installed them into the small one last and discovered that most of the needles wouldn't fit so I had to pull all of them BACK out and size them up. It sucked.

i usually do them 1 set at a time. i use contact cleaner and a rag. then i pack the races with grease to hold the bearings in until i have them all set in. then more grease.

gas is too expensive to soak stuff in now anyways!

Tell me about it. I just moved and couldn't find anything else. To make it worse it was premium! Right out of the tank...

Yeah, I found out the same thing the hard way too, One end at a time now. I use simple green or similar stuff.

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