06 suspension setup for 220lbs. 6'2

hi im almost 6'2'' 220lbs. and a very agressive offroad rider. what do i need to do to makemy bike handle properly. i prefer a stiffer bike

Where is you sag set right now?

What have you done so far? Have you upgraded the stock springs for starters?

Easy: You install the right springs in it. Install the 08 complete linkage. Get the shock revalved since the stocker will be totally useless for you. Get 22mm triple clamps. Get the forks revalved by someone who knows best for the old KYB stuff. Put SPI-3 fluid in the forks since it's amazing in the older design dampers. The 08 engine mount is a good thing too. Then set your bars where you like them, your fork caps in the height range of 7 to 12mm above the triples depending on your riding conditions, your sag at about 101mm (assuming 08 link), and set your clickers. Run fork reb as fast as you think you can cope, and compression as slow/firm as. Rear shock LSC set for best handling mid corner. Shock HSC adjusted to control your average rear height over bumps, and utilize full stroke. Shock rebound as per usual which is fast as you think you are good enough to control. Fine tune rear sag. That should do it. Then gear it right and go out and be as aggressive as you like, well the forks will always hold you back a bit. :thumbsup:

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